40 easy ways to save money

40 easy ways to save money

We all have times when we need to reduce our spending.

There are things I’m prepared to cut back on and others I’m not (unless absolutely necessary). It’s all about what brings me joy. If you’re thinking you need to make some cuts, here’s 40 easy ways to get you started.

They don’t take a lot of effort and should put some money back into your wallet (or holiday fund).

  1. Pack your lunch
  2. Use your credit card points
  3. Book your next holiday with air miles (I used my air miles for our flights to India last year)
  4. Drink more water
  5. Visit your local library
  6. Ditch your gym membership (but don’t stop exercising!)
  7. Cancel any subscriptions you’re not using
  8. Turn your lights/heating off when not needed
  9. Eat less (or no) meat
  10. Use what you have before buying more (I’m currently doing this with the booze in the booze cupboard!)
  11. Pay your credit card off in full each month and avoid any interest charges
  12. Challenge the amount of your car insurance renewal
  13. Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry
  14. Write a grocery shopping list before you go shopping and stick to it
  15. Plan your meals
  16. Make gifts rather than buy expensive ones
  17. Quit smoking
  18. Wait 30 days before purchasing – and avoid the need for instant gratification
  19. Buy quality appliances
  20. If you need/want to buy something, wait for it to be on sale
  21. Grow your own vegetables
  22. Carpool
  23. Don’t speed (and avoid speeding tickets)
  24. Holiday at home and explore the area where you live
  25. Meet friends for drinks instead of dinner and drinks
  26. Meet friends for walks
  27. Buy staples in bulk or when on sale
  28. Find free events in your town/city
  29. Make your own cleaning products
  30. Sell your clutter on e-bay
  31. Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses
  32. Cut down your drinking
  33. Have one ‘no spend’ day each week
  34. Food shop in the evenings (around 6pm) when many supermarkets mark down items they need to shift
  35. Use your freezer (for leftovers or products on sale)
  36. Switch to a bank with no (or lower) fees
  37. Repair clothes rather than throw them out
  38. Ditch takeaways
  39. Leave your credit card at home and avoid temptation
  40. Walk (or cycle) whenever you can

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